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Fisherwaters' History

Fisherwaters Resort has been in continuous operation since 1950 and is one of the last remaining pieces of a bygone era that represents 1950s America at the Lake of the Ozarks. While several of the old school resorts are still in business, Fisherwaters is one of very few that remains in nearly 100% original condition, intact and virtually unchanged since the day it was built.


The Resort was founded and built by Ken and Clara (Fischer) Watters, who moved from Saint Louis to this neat little place on Ozark Isle for some good old-fashioned peace and quiet. We’ve heard from locals that Ken and Clara had no intention of
starting a resort, but the only way the electric company would run electric lines to Ozark Isle was for a business. At the time, the only other business was across the lake at Bridal Cave. In fact, the only ANYTHING in sight was Bridal Cave!


Back in those days, people used to come to the Lake to enjoy the simple things in life and to spend time with family and good friends. There are many customers that still frequent Fisherwaters who have been coming since they were children, and now
bring their children and grandchildren.


One of the biggest attractions to our resort is our beautiful fishing dock and the Crappie beds that have been maintained underneath it and in front of it for nearly 70 years. Many of our longtime customers will tell you that Fisherwaters Resort has the best fishing at the lake…PERIOD. Of course we agree!


All of the cabins were hand-built by Ken Watters, as were the amazing natural stone pathways, stairways and retaining walls on the property. The older, smaller cabins are especially impressive, built from solid oak inside and out, cabins 1-4 were the
original cabins on the resort grounds. Cottages 5 and 6 are also hand-built, but feel quite a bit more modern in their construction.


Ken died in 1990, but Miss Clara made it all the way to her 100th birthday here at Fisherwaters. She was a favorite among guests, locals and neighbors and it’s certainly clear to us that we have some very big shoes to fill. Clara spent almost 70 years here, and we suspect she’ll be talked about by those who knew her and loved her for at least another 70.

Clara died July of 2018. Her ashes were spread by her family next to her favorite sitting spot on her back porch, in her bamboo gardens and in her favorite fishing bay on the dock where she would catch her “big ones”.

In 2019, the Resort was purchased from Clara’s estate and still operates today as Fisherwaters Resort. The current owners have made it their duty to Ken and Clara to maintain Fisherwaters as one of the last old school Mom & Pop resorts at the lake.


If you’re looking for a truly vintage experience at the lake of the Ozarks, you should come check us out! While modern day America has taken over at here at the Lake, you can still stop by Ken and Clara’s place if you care to travel back in time to enjoy
some 1950s hospitality and relaxation.

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